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Puso Sa Puso

puso sa puso

In response to our Salvatorian call to serve everywhere, to all people as the love of Christ inspires our Salvatorian brothers in Manila with cooperation of many people established educational program for the young people who live in the slums of Parola. It started as a small Christmas party for the children of Parola (Puso Sa Puso - Heart to Heart) and eventually evolved into Alternative Learning System Approach: Bridging Unlimited Hope for the Advancement of Youth (ALSA BUHAY - Uplift the Life).

Our Salvatorian community in Australia, together with Salvatorian Collaborators and parishioners are trying to raise funds to support this education system for the youth of Parola. To find out more about the beginning of this program and its development please follow reflections below or go to their website: www.pusosapuso.org

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Encouraged by last year's successful Christmas party for 500 needy children, Fr. Artur Chrzanowski, SDS, and a small team of advisors, conducted an expanded “Puso sa Puso” (Tagalog for “heart to heart”) all-day Christmas program for 5,000 needy children.

Held on December 5, 2009 in the Rosario baseball stadium in a poor section of Manila, 1,200 volunteers chaperoned the children with games, food, clowns, and a two-hour stage presentation. The show had singers, dancers, animal tricks, and other performers who kept the children entertained until the main attraction: a supper of spaghetti, roasted chicken, fruit, and soft drinks. Several thousand pounds of food were prepared and served by a small army of cooks. Gift bundles had been prepared containing sandals and school supplies. As the children slowly filed out of the stadium, each child was given a bundle and the streets in all directions were soon filled with parents and happy children, hands toting the white bundle, hearts filled with Christmas love.


Dear Friends

There are only 47 days to the event and everybody involved in the preparation of it is very busy trying to tie up necessary things. I am taking this opportunity to update you about what happened in the last few weeks so you can be inform about our progress. First of all I would like to express our gratitude for all your support in form of financial, prayer and material goods as well facilitation of many legal procedures. Without all your help and support we will be unable to do anything or just very little.

Parola SlumsPlace: Manila, Philippines
Slums can be found in 256 communities, located in all the cities and municipalities of Metro Manila. They account for some 2.54 million men, women and children living in the most depressed areas of the country’s prime metropolis. These slum communities are located on vacant lands that are both private and government owned. Usually they are located along rivers and creeks, in garbage dumps, along railroad tracks, under bridges, and beside factories and other industrial establishments.

Hidden World

It was two hours before dawn when we left home, two Salvatorians, a Priest and a Brother.  A quick stop at an all night coffee shop where we met two friends, our guide and an interpreter, and we left for Parola.  You may not find Parola on many Manila city maps, but there just meters from the waterfront and the docks lies one of the largest slums in the city.  It may no longer be politically correct to use the word slum; depressed area or home to the impoverished is the current phrase used to describe the hovels of the poor. 


Our Salvatorian community in Manila is trying to help the children who live in the slums of Parola. These kids have nothing and spend their lives sorting through rubbish on a huge stinking rubbish tip to eke out a living for their families. Last year the Salvatorians in Philippines with around 200 volunteers held a Christmas party for 500 of the children and it was an amazing success for all. 

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