One Family in Jesus Christ, our Saviour   

Sharing the same charism...


According to the original intention of our Founder,
we seek to promote cooperation with individuals
and groups joined with us in his spirit and apostolic purpose.
They collaborate in the apostolic works of the Society.

The Constitution of our Society

Our world is sadly divided: east-west, north-south, developed-developing, black-white, clerical-lay, male-female… to name a few. The best witness we can give to our world and Church is work, pray and play together as gospel people: male and female, clerical and lay. Salvatorians need you and your gifts in our effort "that all may know the Saviour". Our prayers are with you as you discern if God is calling you to our family.


Salvatorian Collaborators are people who are living out the call of the gospel according to their own lifestyles, but who sense a need for joining with others to live out this call more deeply.

Salvatorian Collaborators are committed to spending their time and talents in response to the needs of others so that all may come to know the only Saviour of the world.

Father Francis Jordan, founder of the Salvatorians, collaborated with lay people long before the II Vatican Council. From the foundations of his community, Father Jordan held the belief that lay people had an important and essential part in the solution to the apostolic problems of that time. He wanted to inspire all Catholics with a missionary sense of responsibility for their neighbour's welfare.

Being a Salvatorian Collaborator is open to all: clergy, religious and lay people. However, as most are lay parishioners, it is important that we address the changing position of the laity within the Church, especially since the Second Vatican Council.



Aims of the Salvatorian Collaborators

Collaborators share in the mission and charism of Salvatorians in a manner appropriate to their state in life.

Collaborators intercede for the Salvatorians by daily prayer, self-denial, participation in the Eucharist and prayer for the beatification of the Salvatorian Founder, Fr Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan.

Collaborators support Salvatorians, wherever they serve, in their mission of making Jesus, the only Saviour of the world, known, and pray for the new vocations to the Salvatorian Community.

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Whatever country may fall to your lot, let each one bear well in mind that it is my testament that the Society is destined for all peoples, that is called to accept as members men from all nations, if they can comply with the necessary conditions.