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Community Life

We are called by God to a community of faith, fraternity, and apostolate. Following the example of the first Christians, we share with our confreres our faith experience, our friendship and fraternal living and our apostolic activities.

Gathered in the name of Christ, the Savior, we are assured that He is in our midst as the continuing source of our unity, our strength, and our apostolic effectiveness. Our community life is characterized by its apostolic spirit and our apostolic life is formed by a spirit of community and mutual love, sharing, and service. Hence our community life is flexible and open to the demands of our ministries.

In our community life we respect the individuality of each member. We accept differences, and we recognize the wealth of gifts which enrich our community. We try to overcome our failings and pardon one another, mutually bearing our shortcomings and limitations with patience.

Mutual understanding and acceptance are essential for the wellbeing of our community. Hence we enter into dialogue with one another to discover what is good for the individual, the community, and our work for the Kingdom of God. Prayer and love for one another sustain us in unity through all differing views.

The members participate in community activities to promote the general wellbeing and spirit. Our common activities, which are periodically evaluated, include common prayer, meals, recreation, and dialogue. Every member belongs to a local community, even when, for a legitimate reason, he lives apart from the community. Members who, because of age and ill health, can no longer exercise their active apostolate may so far as possible live in the community of their choice.

The sick and the older members deserve our special love, gratitude, and care. They are given proper medical assistance and every spiritual ministry. Continued love for deceased confreres, parents, relatives, and benefactors demands that we remember them in our personal and communal prayers.

Wherever feasible, one portion of the house is reserved for the exclusive use of the community. An atmosphere of peace and quiet prevails, as these are important for our life and work.

The better we live a fraternal and apostolic community life, the more it becomes a sign of God's love and prophetic witness that Christ abides in us and unites us in love.

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