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Dear Friends

There are only 47 days to the event and everybody involved in the preparation of it is very busy trying to tie up necessary things. I am taking this opportunity to update you about what happened in the last few weeks so you can be inform about our progress. First of all I would like to express our gratitude for all your support in form of financial, prayer and material goods as well facilitation of many legal procedures. Without all your help and support we will be unable to do anything or just very little.


Since the registration of our Puso sa Puso Edukasyon Inc. in the Security and Exchange Commission and acquiring legal status as a recognized by government nonprofit organization we proceeded for the second step and after long and complicated process finally we managed to get Business Permit and be registered in the CITY HALL OF QUEZON CITY. It took us almost 7 months and believe me we are lucky to get it so fast. We also finally legalized our Puso sa Puso Office so we can legally operate. We successfully register our organization in the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) and now we applied for TAX EXEMPTION which doesn’t come automatically with the registration. If we are successful with that we will apply for DONOR STATUS which will allow us to receive not only finances but also material goods without any taxes.

I have to mention that the procedures are so complicated and the rules are so confusing and not clear that very often it is arbitrary decision of the officer who works in the respected offices to request for additional documents etc. which results in delaying process.

We applied for Dollar Saving Account and Checking account and it was successfully accomplished.

I think it is enough with the legality.

Since several months we are preparing the logistic of the event, it requires many meetings with local government and many people involved in the event. In collaboration with the Barangay Capitan and his team we already booked the venue which will be baseball field situated in the slams area where our children live. We already prepared mapping of the venue deciding where the stage and kitchen will be situated, as well medical team with ambulance etc. We elaborated the procedures of registration and as well security for our children and volunteers.

We contacted National Police which will provide K9 units with dogs and some security during the event.

We contacted MMDA authority to provide us with portable toilets since we have only two of them in the venue and it will be not enough for 5000 children and more than 1000 volunteers.

We designed posters, backdrops and other multimedia elements for the event. We also prepared project of ticket and other materials which in few days will be printed. With the help of stage designer we will have also nice decorations during the event.

This week we will start the construction of the huge pot to boil 200 kilo of pasta at once and prepare sauce. Our executive chefs already prepared menu and the procedures for the preparation and distribution of the food. I assure you it will be very good as the last year.

We contacted Discovery Suits and they contributed by taking responsibility for processing and preparation of 750 kilo of chicken for the event. Thanks to them it will be easier for us.

I don’t want to make you feel bored with so many details.

PSP PosterLet’s go to the Entertainment Program

Our friend who is a Movie Director wrote small play through which we would like to send the message to the children about true meaning of Christmas, at the moment one of the local theater groups is in the process of rehearsing. We contacted several celebrities and artist to make this even as best as we can. We will have 20 clowns, magic show, acrobats, dog show, bubble show, many games and hopefully celebrities to make this event special and unique.

We contacted several church organization and friends in order to provide volunteers in order to provide best service. We need more than 1000 volunteers, why so many? Well every volunteer takes care of 5 children during entire event; it gives us sense of security and protection. At this moment we are around 600 volunteers, so still we need to work hard to meet the goal.

We had several meetings with corporate sponsors, rotary clubs and organization searching for support for our projects. Unfortunately not much we achieved it is because the social responsibility of corporate institutions is very poor in Philippines. Due to the Typhoon Ondoy several organization and corporate who pledged help backed out and left us with empty hands, well we understand that because they focused on the present need of the victims of typhoon ondoy.

Mentioning the typhoon ondoy, Puso sa Puso promptly answer to the need of the affected people. Since day one we were working on the first line preparing food, goods, repacking, and taking care of people in the emergency centers assisting with whatever was needed. So we sponsored several times food packages good for 2 -3 days for more than 100 families, every day we prepared meals for more than 500 families and distributed them in most affected areas where it was hard to reach. We shared little we had and I am sure God will give it back more than that. Giving is a blessing.

I have to mention also our educational projects ALZA BUHAY and Children Participation project. During last month’s through our office in Rome we applied for some grants from European Charitable organizations. At this moment we past first step and in the very close collaboration we are answering all questions and providing necessary documentation for our prospective donors. Lets hope! We conducted several surveys in the area where our project will be implemented and have several meetings with local authority and organizations. Everything now depends on our financial capacity.

Perhaps for the moment it is a lot of information and I am sure I missed to mention many things. I just hope that Jesus will help us and guide us in doing good to the children and we can fulfill our call in the best way we can.

I am asking you for prayer that all our effort will be fruitful for our children. Thanking you again for all good you do for us.

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