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Pilgrimage 2009 - Day One

JordanAfter two years of planning and hard work, the inaugural a Pilgrimage of 40 Salvatorian Collaborators left Australia. Some pilgrims left Sydney and some of them started their journey from Perth, and others joined the group on the way. The group from Sydney was led by Anne Boulton and the one from Perth was accompanied by Anne Cullender, the main Director of the Pilgrimage and Fr Leonard Macionczyk SDS, the Spiritual Director of this endeavour.

All pilgrims flew Emrates airline and they flew via Dubai. Those from Sydney left on Thursday night about eight hours earlier than the pilgrims from Perth who congregated at the airport on Friday at 3 o’clock in the morning; some pilgrims were so excited that they were there even before the leaders of the pilgrimage. After checking-in successfully we all set at the Dome for a cuppa and waited for the departures gate to be opened. Dee Magrate, Mary and Bob Bettini were upgraded to business class and were very pleased. They had a very pleasant flight to Dubai. As for the rest of us we offered our little cross of flying economy class for the success of the pilgrimage. The crew on the flight to Dubai was outstanding and very friendly. Nothing was to much for them and they serve us with great smile. I felt that they really liked what they were doing and because of this our 11 hours trip went very well.

We landed safely in Dubai about 1.00 pm. The temperature outside was 38 degree but in newly opened terminal was very pleasant. A huge transit hall welcomed us with numerous duty free shops, restaurants, bars and other fantastic facilities handy for the travellers. Few volunteers (mainly men) kept eyes on the hand luggage where others wondered through the paradise for the shoppers.

Then tireless Anne Cullender got us together and we were ready to embark our next aircraft that took us from Dubai to Zurich. As on the board of the plain we were greeted by gentle smile of the crew members and few minutes after take off the captain welcomed us on the board as the Salvatorian Pilgrimage from Australia. So, the name of Father Jordan and the Salvatorians got some free publicity. Again the service was nice and friendly. We left a hazy and hot Dubai and flying over Turkey, Romania, Hungary and Austria we came closer and closer to our destination. In the light of the setting sun we could admire the hills and valleys of the Alps and the breath taking beauty of Switzerland.

After smooth landing were got together to have a quick photo and moved towards the customs, then we picked our baggage and met Robert, our driver who will takes us to Gurtweil, Tafers, Luzern and other interesting places of Europe.

The long day of travelling was finally over and everybody was tired and looking forward to having long hot shower and early night. So, good night till morning.

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