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Reflection days on the track

family trip

In between 26-27 April Fr.Adam Babinski organized reflection days on the track, Bibbulmun Track. 6 families - 12 adults and 16 children’s - took a part in this amazing venture. The total distance of 12km has been planned based on ability of small kids. The youngest child that partially walked and partially has been carried by parents was 2 years old girl.

The walk commenced at Fern Road and a Hewett’s Hill Campsite was in our mind as a rest location for that day. On a one of a layover Fr Adam introduced us into main subject of our route – development of our spirit depends of development of three separate spheres that we are obligated to look after: knowledge, spirit and our body. Every sphere is very important and we should take care of it –and that why we are here said Fr Adam.

After about 4.5km we have arrived at our planned campsite. Surprise was huge when we discovered that the hut at which we were planning to stay is absolutely full. This situation did not dampen our enthusiasm and joy when we were thinking about the time that we were just about to spend together. Tents were set out, and the most important fire built. Guitar and songs made that evening very special.

While the exhausted kids have had been sleeping Fr Adam invited us to celebrate Via Lucis. The surroundings, atmosphere and reflection have introduced us into reverie – life is a path, but we are not alone. 

From the early morning everyone was smiling.  The coffee from the fire pit, swing on the old tree branch and the most warming rising sun was beginning our day. A 7.5km has been planned to walk during the second day, up to the Mundering Weir Hotel.  Wonderful bush land track was making us thankful for everything what we have got.

Half way through the track Fr Adam spotted ideal place with the dam view where he has celebrated the Holy Mass. There is no other way than go through the gate and that gate is Christ. We have to watch on false prophet. It looks like not only our hearts were raised but many tourist glanced with interest.  

Joy was great when we arrived at our destination point. Two days on the track,….hm it sounds like not much but certainly enough to stop, get away from electronics, everyday routine and reflect where we heading…. Thank you for that great time that we could have been part of.


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