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Retreat 2013

retreat 2013

Our Salvatorian Community gathered in "St John of God" retreat center in Safety Bay, Western Australia, from the 4th of March till 8th of March 2013 for annual retreat led by Fr Krystian Golisz SDS, who came from Canada to share with us his reflections on the Evangelical Counsels.

Fr Krystian is a Salvatorian from the Polish Province who have worked many years in our Missions in Tanzania, India and from the year 2000 is working in our community in Canada.

The retreat master wanted us to come closer to Christ through the deeper understanding of Evangelical Counsels, which we practice through our vows of chastity, poverty and obedience.

These vows should help us follow Christ and serve other people with greater joy and freedom. In them we answer our vocational call and to three basic questions of Christ:

  • Do you love? (Do you know what is Love?)
  • Do you love me? (Christ, who called you “Come, follow me”)
  • Do you love me more? (More than anything else and every day)


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In order that you may be good, reliable announcers of Christ you ought very especially to prepare yourselves now by diligent study during the time of your training, so that you may acquire a thorough knowledge of Catholic teaching and may be able to proclaim it.