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Collaborators Leader's Meeting 2009

Pymble NSW, Feb/Mar 2009
The Salvatorian Collaborator Leadership Team has been meeting in Perth for the last three years. During this time, those leaders residing in Sydney flew across to Perth for three days. This year it was decided to share the travelling between both New South Wales and Western Australian, resulting in Perth Collaborator Leaders heading towards the Harbour City for the three days of travel and meeting.

As this was the first time that a Leadership Team meeting has been held in Sydney, the local Collaborators from both Gosford and Pymble were invited to join us for discussion, prayer and evening meal to help celebrate the Year of Father Jordan. This offer was taken up by many wonderful people who came to share this time with all leaders.
On the agenda we had a couple of topics that needed discussion and they were proposed units of study for Salvatorian Collaborators, and a process of becoming a Lay Salvatorian in Australia. Both topics drew plenty of discussion and Leaders had the chance to input into both. Father Tadeusz Seremet Vice Superior of the Australian Region joined us for a few hours along with Father Ziggy Wloczek SDS and Father Mariusz Adamczyk SDS. It was a very successful few days and a decision was made to rotate meetings between Western Australia and New South Wales on a twice yearly basis, the next being in Geraldton in October.
On behalf of all Salvatorian Collaborator Leaders, I would like to take the opportunity to thank Pymble leaders who billeted, fed and prepared the meeting. It was very successful.
I would also like to wish everyone a happy and holy Easter.

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