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Francis Jordan Catholic School

fj school On the 1 January 2013 what was once known as Currambine Catholic Primary School became Francis Jordan Catholic School. The seed for the change was planted late in 2008 when I was appointed to the school. I had always thought it contradictory that a Catholic school simply took its name from the suburb in which it was located. In addition, the Auxiliary Bishop of Perth, The Most Reverend Donald Sproxton, had just completed his Parish Visitation to the Parish of St Simon Peter, Ocean Reef. He commented very positively on his visit to the school and suggested that it would be appropriate for the school to explore a change of name.

Once I arrived at the school in 2009, I discovered that the closest neighbouring school was Currambine Primary School, a government school located less than 1.5km away. I soon discovered that the two schools were often confused for each other. This included mail being mixed up and people arriving at the wrong school.

The school had tried to change its name previously without success. Another factor for the school was that it is located 3.5km away from the Parish church. 

The school community had worked incredibly hard to ensure that the school established and maintained a culture and practices reflecting its Catholic background. The priests of the Parish had also worked hard to ensure that they supported the school by their strong involvement and presence in the school.

I began the process by writing a paper for the School Board to consider a name change. I also contacted Bishop Sproxton to enquire whether Archbishop Hickey would in fact support a change of name. The School Board unanimously supported the idea of exploring the change of name. Archbishop Hickey indicated through Bishop Sproxton that he would be prepared to consider a proposal for a change of name. Successive Parish Priests and the Parish Council also gave their support to the proposal. Bishop Sproxton also provided sound advice. This included the concept that any name should be complementary to and strengthen the link with the Parish.

Most importantly, there was a feeling that the school needed a name which more strongly reflected its Catholic faith and tradition and which would give it a stronger focus on strengthening the school’s Catholic culture and practices, its Catholic identity.

The next two years involved the development and conducting of workshops for staff. Staff members then researched names to add to the growing list of names under consideration. It was during this time that one of the staff members suggested the name of Fr Francis Jordan, given the link with the Salvatorian Priests as the Priests of the Parish. In addition, Salvatorian House, the national headquarters for the Order are located alongside the school. Several surveys were conducted with staff members. Following this, workshops were conducted for parents. Those who attended a workshop were also surveyed for their views.

The name Francis Jordan immediately evoked a very positive response and was the most popular name by far in the surveys conducted with staff members and parents. The survey data was considered by the School Board in the latter half of 2011 and on 21 November 2011 the name Francis Jordan Catholic School was submitted to the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia for its consideration and forwarding to Archbishop Hickey for his approval.

Another link that emerged with the choice of the name was that Australia’s first saint was name St Mary of the Cross MacKillop and Fr Francis Jordan is known as Fr Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan. This connection made the choice even more meaningful for the school community.

The approval was received early in 2012 and came into effect on 1 January 2013. In the meantime changes to registration with both the Western Australian and Australian Governments had to be completed. There were many other tasks to be completed including changes to bank accounts, stationery, school uniforms and signage around the school.

The change of name has already yielded much fruit for the school community. At the end of 2012, the entire school staff celebrated Mass in the courtyard of Salvatorian House under the watchful eye of the Venerable Fr Francis Jordan. This year the first class of students attended Mass in the Chapel at Salvatorian House.

On 8 March 2013, 20 Salvatorian Priests concelebrated a Mass of Renaming and Rededication in the school hall with students, staff and parents. This included Fr Chris Kowalczyk SDS from the General Council, Rome and Fr Bogus Loska SDS from the Provincial Council, Poland. It was a wonderful and joyous celebration.

There is a great sense of excitement amongst the school community as we explore what this change of name means for each one of us. We are exploring ways, for example, of developing links with the missionary work undertaken by the Salvatorians in the Phillipines.

Most of all, however, there is a stronger focus than ever on the school fulfilling it evangelizing role in spreading the Gospel. In the years ahead, we pray that we can do justice to the vision of Fr Francis Jordan in making Jesus known to all people everywhere by whatever means at our disposal so that all may come to know, love and serve Jesus as their Saviour.


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