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Bagno is a Winner! 16th of January 2014 was a very exciting but at the same time thrilling day. It was because our Salvatorian seminary has organised the annual – ‘Seminary Soccer Championship’ in Trzebnica - closely located to Wroclaw. The event inventors were Salvatorian priests, sisters and clerics that spent a lot of time and resources to prepare it. There was a journalists which documented the match in the well known Polish catholic newspaper: ‘Gość Niedzielny’ and publicised the article online.

It was kind of intense day because everyone was only talking about the upcoming games and was stressing out about it. Some of the players were apparently so stressed that they did not sleep very well the night before. As it happens in all sorts of sports and activities, each of the teams was very competitive and wanted to be the winner and receive the Trophy. Lets just have a look at currently occurring Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi, Russia, to see how everyone strives to be the best and to become a winner – which is great! It was the same with our Soccer Championship. It perhaps delivered a lot ‘adrenaline kick’ and fun to all the attendants – let’s hope even to the teams that lost.

The three seminaries from Swidnica (orange shirts), Wroclaw (green shirts) and Bagno (red shirts) composed some really good and strong soccer teams containing 5 players in total: 4 guys playing in the field and one goal keeper . There were also guys substituting their tired team-mates. Some loyal fans also arrived to the indoor stadium where they supported their teams with loud and joyful cheering. Our seminary even organised a rock band that brought the instruments such as electrical guitars, drums and keyboard. They played some motivating songs, like – ‘The final countdown’, ‘Queen – We are the champions’ and many more. Games against each seminary were 40 minutes long (2 halves x 20 minutes) so all together it only lasted a couple of hours. Before the games started Fr. Krzysztof Gasperowicz SDS gave us his blessing and also read the section of the Bible linked to sport and winning: [1 Cor 9;24-27]. In addition we have prayed for safe and friendly atmosphere between the players. First game was Bagno vs Świdnica and the outcome was 8:3, a strong win that gave us some extra enthusiasm. However we were uncertain as to the second game with Wroclaw (they were really good and won the game with Świdnica 8:1 - which kind of worried us). In the match Bagno vs Wroclaw, the opponents were leading with score 1:2 but second and deciding half resulted in final score of 4:2 which gave us first place on the podium. We were very pleased with that!

The win was the result of training, some good tactics and techniques implemented by our couch, everyone’s ambition and fantastic team supporters. Luckily nobody got hurt and ended up with broken limbs, but just with some lactic acid build-up and muscle soreness. After the games we have invited the teams to our seminary where they had a small tour showing the seminarian palace. Later we gathered for tea and coffee with some great and tasty cheesecakes prepared by Sr. Aniela Garecka. The day was concluded with evening prayers in the seminarian chapel and with supper.

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