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Spiritual Parent

“Everyone who has left houses, brothers, sisters, father,
mother, children or land for the sake of my namewill receive
a hundred times as much, and also inherit eternal life”.
Matthew 19:29


Prayer is a wonderful way of our communication with God and at the same time unites us as members of God’s family. We are searching for those who want to become a "spiritual parents" through daily prayers to our Salvatorian seminarians who are currently undergoing their religious formation in our seminary in Poland.

At this time one of young man from Australia is undegoing his religious formation in our seminary in Poland. We remeber him in our prayers as well as we want to find more people who will be able to dedicated daily prayer not only for him but also for other young men who are under formation in our seminary. Through such prayers you can become a "spiritual parent" to our young Salvatorian seminarians.

We promote these prayers through our ministry by distributing special prayer cards as well as we welcome anyone who wants to join us in praying for them. To receive a prayer card for particular seminarian please send us request through "Contact Form" on this website. 

On behalf of our seminarians we, the Salvatorians from Australia want to express thanks to you for accepting this invitation for prayer.

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Whatever country may fall to your lot, let each one bear well in mind that it is my testament that the Society is destined for all peoples, that is called to accept as members men from all nations, if they can comply with the necessary conditions.